Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and then there were FIVE!!!

In five days I will start the process of tyring to start labor to have this baby. Although the baby might not make an entrance that day, it has felt like some kind of deadline to me. A more definite "date" than I usually have set in my head.
I am about to have another baby. my fourth baby. and I have never felt so alone. I feel alone in a constant sea of people. I spend my time taking care of everyone else and look around for someone to take care of me... and there is no one there.
Things between my husband and I are the hardest they have ever been. We can not seem to get on the same page. My patience is nonexistent for him to catch up to where I am.
I am worried about the labor. Doing this thing without interventions is totally possible... in a loving supportive environment.
I don't feel like I have that right now.
I simply can not understand the grand plan that needed me to have this baby RIGHT NOW... when everything is so screwed up. I have working so hard this entire pregnancy towards things getting better for us.... and it feels like I have been wasting my time. things are not better.
I am hurting so badly.
I feel like I could disappear in the despair and never come back out of it.
How am I going to give all of myself and more to a newborn precious child when I feel like I have nothing to give?
How are Al and I going to make it through all the sleepless nights when we can't make it one entire day without an argument over something insignificant right now.
If I really will only be given what I can handle why do I feel like I'm drowning?
I realize that I am in the middle of ridiculous amounts of hormonal fluctuations but that doesn't mean that the issues that I am worried about aren't real.
That also doesn't mean that I'm not prone to being a little melodramatic right now. I'm struggling to express myself right now so I thought that I would just write.
This all might be too raw to publish, but my heart needs to release some of the sadness, fear, and anxiety from with in.


the darkness consumes me.
from the depths of despair I hear nothing but the breaking of my heart.
I'm surrounded by people but could not feel more alone.
all of their movement and noise is like the buzzing of flies around my head.
I want to listen to what they are trying to tell me, but it is all I can do to try and smile and send them on their way.
I long for sleep but when I finally lay down my head I can not close my eyes.
the images inside are ugly.
I stare into the darkness of my room while tears silently soak my pillow.
my tears are a river of my fears and worries and loneliness.
the incessant snores are a constant reminder that this is my burden to bear alone.
the movement in my womb gives me comfort.
we are in this together.
but this new partnership is the cause of so many of my fears.
how can I possibly be enough for this new little life?
how will I be able to do this alone?


I walked away after writing that poem and think that it actually made me feel a little better. I am still undecided if this will ever see the light of my actual blog.
It is so raw. My heart on the screen.
I cry when I read it, but somehow releasing it out into the world usually makes me feel better. I might sit with this for a little while before I make that decision.

Ok here we go. I am going to throw this out there today, but I have to add on that since I wrote this out this morning, I have talked with my hubby and we have a date tonight to try (again!) to get on the same page with each other and reconnect so that we can try and be there for each other during the this frenetic and somewhat overwhelming time. We both truly are excited about the birth of this baby. I am ready to get to those sleepless nights with a baby in my arms and although I know it will take some time to adjust to the newness for everyone involved... I for one am ready to get started on this new adventure!!
I also wanted to add in that I feel amazingly well physically still. I know what a blessing it is to not have all the discomforts of past pregnancies and if I wasn't such an emotional mess I think that I could go on being pregnant for another few weeks pretty easily.(that is of course a possibility so I should be careful saying so!!)
I have re-read everything over once again and it still makes me cry, but I have to say it is an amazing thing to purge some of your fears and worries out of your heart. I feel much better just giving those hard feelings some air. Thank you for indulging my need to release and thank you for bearing with me as I go through all the ups and downs of this crazy transitional period!

Today I am thankful that I have this outlet for some of my crazy. It helps give me perspective and see what I need to do to help myself get back on track.
(in this case seeing that I need to reach out to the one person who can truly help me through this.... I hope it works!)

I am grateful that the waiting will end soon one way or another and I will have my darling new little person in my arms!! I'm ready!


Willoughby said...

That's some pretty dark stuff. I'm glad you're feeling better today. I hope you and Al can work things out.

We may not be able to be there in person, but all of your online buddies are here to support you.

Take care of yourself and keep us updated!

thamesarino said...

thanks for your support. It is pretty dark. It always seems a little worse once I push that publish button!
I will keep you all updated as things (do or don't) change. It feels like Tuesday will never come... but of course it will be here, in just a few more days! I really don't expect it to work the first time, but I do think that it will happen by the end of the week. I'm not sure how I will feel if I am still pregnant after Easter. I guess we'll have to wait and see! : )

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I truly ache for you- I know that all marriages have their ups and downs and sometimes it just seems impossible, but the fact that you're both still trying says a lot.

And I can't wait to meet the little one!! HURRY UP AND HAVE THAT BABY ALREADY!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I read this post, and then I read what you said about your daughter, Emily - how she was so easy to love.

How she made you be more patient with yourself and others.

I expect the new baby to do the same for you...you're almost there, you're close to kissing that sweet, new baby hello.

I'm sure that once the baby is home, you and hubby can again reconnect as you watch your latest little miracle grow!

thrasherswife said...

You are an amazing woman, an amazing mother, and I'm sure an incredible wife. Fear is typically the root of all - be it anger, resentment, aloofness.... You have a big change coming into this family very soon, that alone brings a lot of fear. You love your family, your husband loves you, Its obvious in your posts.. Keep on working at it, nothing worth its weight comes easy.. And I too can't wait to meet this new little one!!