Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
Roscoe, Sophia, & Emily(across top) and then I think you can figure out the rest!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Zoo

The weather has broken a little bit... and we are feeling the spring fever around these parts like CRAZY!!!
So as soon as it hits the 50's we get outside!

One of the best investments that we make every year is getting memberships to the zoo and the amazing museums that we are lucky enough to have here in the Burgh. The initial cost is SO worth feeling like you can go to the zoo for an hour and a half, instead of feeling like we need to get a full $30 of fun out of every single visit. During the nice parts of the year we go to the zoo at least once a week. The kids LOVE the animals..and even though it may seem silly, they love the little play area too. So yesterday when I saw that the rest of the week was going to be kind of chilly still... highs in the 30's AGAIN.. well we packed up our tea party and hit the road!

This is the second time we visited the zoo in less than a week so I am throwing up some pictures from both visits. : )

these little blooms where starting to pop up everywhere... like little gifts of sunshine, reminding me that spring is right around the corner! : )

We LOVE the sea lions.. they were ready for spring too, if you know what I mean... and were very "frisky" while we were there. They are so active and fun and I swear they like the interaction with people because it seems like they play with us in the window. We spent a lot of time hanging out with them. fun stuff!

my cheater version of taking a picture of myself (and Roscoe in the wagon!) when I'm out in the world! : )

Roscoe LOVES the fishes... a lot... I won't tell him that they would probably love to eat him...

look at those things...BIG!!

Roscoe looking at a polar bear up top, while Sophia checked out the guy in the water.

tea party at the zoo...super fun climbing tubes in the background.

Roscoe had fun climbing on a big alligator type thing... this is his stinker puss! : )

...the static cling hair is cracking me up here!

Sophia wanted to kiss the sheep.

the sheep wanted to eat her little plummy, peanut buttery fingers.

Mama said "no" to both parties!

It was a good time and I am SO excited to be able to get outside and run around!!

I have been working on lesson plans to help me get a little more organized in teaching Sophia. She is only 3 so it is just pre-school stuff, but she is very receptive to it.. so I am looking forward to this new part of our relationship. I am looking forward to using a lot of experiences in the zoo to "learn" from. It will have a wealth of inspiration!

I am off to finish up Emily's book. Her birthday is in two days... TIME.IS.RUNNING.OUT!!!

Tonight I am thankful to live in a city with an excellent zoo, as well as a fantastic park system. It is a big reason why I LOVE my city. My very favorite time of year is almost here... giddyup!!


Gracey said...

I am glad you guys had fun! :) Yeah, I loved the static hair photo too!

5thsister said...

I love the sea lions, too! Your kids are adorable!

Willoughby said...

The zoo sounds like a great early spring outing. We always end up going when it's miserably hot and crowded. The stinker puss pic is so cute!

thamesarino said...

thanks ladies...
yes, the zoo is definitely better when there aren't as many people there... and I can't handle it when it is hot either... spring and fall are our favortie times to go! : )
and that stinker shot is my new favorite of the boychild right now.. just captired his little spirit so well! : )

Lissaloo said...

We lived close to a zoo a few years ago and having a yearly membership was the best! We went all the time the kids loved it :) Great Pictures!

Anonymous said...

I bought a zoo membership for a few years and it was more than worth it. I totally agree with you!!!

Your day looks like it was absolutely perfect!

Raoulysgirl said...

LOVED this pics! What a fun time! SPRING is almost HERE!!! I CAN'T wait!!!!!

Who am I? said...

We have a membership to the zoo - and we love it! It's so fun just to pop over there every once in awhile.