Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

blog post attempt # 347

ok, maybe I haven't tried to do 346 previous blog posts... but it feels like it.
things have been decidedly hectic at the Fey household this week!
yes, I know you are probably getting bored with posts about how my life overwhelms me... but imagine being the overwhelmed one all the time!! : P

list of top however many things spinning through my brain at a torrential rate...

I am getting my surgery in just a few days.
This makes me simultaneously happy and scared.
I know logically that I will be fine.
Nothing will go wrong and I will be going home a few short hours from the time that they put me under....
BUT... I have only been put under two other times in my life, first during a routine removal of my wisdom teeth, where I woke up in the middle, with the first sound being one of my teeth being shattered.. hence throwing me into a panic(from the confusion of waking up that way) and having to be gassed... waking up with bruises all over my arms, apparently from trying to pull out the tubes when I was originally waking in the middle of surgery... and confusing memories of the whole thing.. not exactly the most pleasant experience of my life. Of course the other time went just fine. I had to have an emergency appendectomy. Unfortunately, when I woke up the next day I puked and puked.. still not sure if it was from the anesthesia or what... either way the whole thing leaves me a little uneasy.

ok that's one of the things taking turns on my inner merry-go-round.
another is that my boy has been acting wacky for about a week and a half. Is it that he is picking up on my own anxiety? Does he know something that I don't know? Is he teething like a crazy man? Is he going through his own completely unrelated issues, tripping out because he is getting so much more independent that it scares him at times?
no clue... but I do know that I am having a harder time being patient with him, since it is going on over a week of him being velcro boy, who cries every time I put him down... do you remember that sharpie commercial (I think) where the baby cries the second his toe touches the floor, but is fine when he is being held by his mom? Well, that is my boy..and his almost 30 pound butt is hard to carry around right now.. because of this darn hernia...

another thing going on is that my amazing daughter, Emily, has decided that now would be an interesting time to have a few completely age appropriate, yet no less frustrating, teenage growing pains of her own right now... for those of you with little ones... it doesn't get any easier when they need to test their boundaries when they get older...trust me!

and a deep dark secret from a part of my head where I don't go often, has been thrown in every once in awhile, too... if something were to go horribly wrong... my babies wouldn't even remember me, Emily would but the babies are too little to have much more than people tell them later. I know that nothing tragic is going to happen. It is much more likely that if something went wrong, I would poo in a bag for the rest of my life(oh yeah, that's another unpleasant thought making a cameo in my head...because let's face it... that would suck!), and not that I wouldn't make it through... it is a very standard non-complicated procedure... but honestly, I haven't even had my last two babies in a hospital(I had them both in the same bed, with amazing midwives, and the same nurse at a free standing birth center... I'll tell you about it sometime... they are both good stories! : ) I know that even giving these thoughts a second glance gives them more energy, but it's hard to keep them from making an appearance every once in awhile anyway...

Well, there's a glimpse into my crazy right now.. I really am ok.. and I KNOW that everything will be fine. I just have to try and slow down the race going around in my head.
Oh I forgot to mention that a frantic woman called me YESTERDAY about the fact that I need to have a two hour pre-op appointment on Monday.. no other day... well my hubby has to take 4 days off for me to do this and that is a kind of big deal around here... we need him to work every day that he can.... so... blah blah blah.. it's worked out... but I do wish they had told me about that when I called and asked them about it almost a month ago...sigh.. whatever... it will be ok. I am just ready for it to be over soon!

On a completely different front... we tried to go to the zoo today, but ended up taking an amazing adventure on the search for proof of spring at the park today. We found all different sorts of seeds, and have officially adopted two trees. We are going to watch them through the season to see what happens. We played in a big puddle for almost 30 minutes... and they still didn't want to leave.
Thank you bringing new life and beauty into the world. What a glorious time of year!! : )

Today I am thankful that I am able to get this surgery done very soon and start a new healthier life.

I am glad that we were able to salvage a pretty rough morning with some sunshine and dirt! : )


5thsister said...

Please let us know when your surgery is. If you don't mind I'd like to keep you in prayer that day. Also, I had an inguinal surgery repair about a year ago. The worst part was the pain with coughing. Learn how to "splint" with a pillow and keep one close to your abdomen at all times. You will need to conciously work on deep breathing and coughing to prevent a pneumonia from settling in. What you do is place the pillow over the surgical site. Work on 10 slow deep breaths. After, allow your self to cough. Weak cough is okay to begin with...it will get stronger with practice. As you cough hold the pillow taut over your belly. Do this every couple of hours while you are awake. Allow yourself to be on pain meds the 1st couple of days...it makes everything so much better...trust me. After which only use if experiencing pain. Once you are up and moving around, the DB&C exercises are now longer necessary.

thamesarino said...

my surgery is planned for wed the 1rst of April.
My hubby is taking off a couple of days and I have already told him to count me out for the first two.. then I will come back to a non-medicated world! I hate the feeling of pain medicine but think that if I give myself the first two days as throw away days... then I should be able to slowly work through the next week on my own.
Thank you for the advice and I always welcome paryer, so thank you!! : )

Lissaloo said...

Spring totally rocks! :) Surgery is a scary thing, but it will be fine :) Just keep reminding yourself how much better things will be after it's over :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is going to be just fine with your surgery. I know how it is to have your mind wander with scenarios though.

You are never too old to play in puddles!!!!

Willoughby said...

I don't blame you for being anxious about your surgery. Just keep telling yourself that by this time next week, it will all be over with! I'll be sending some positive energy your way!

Raoulysgirl said...

I would totally be freaking out, too...however, you know that things will be fine and you will be much better for it! Not that it helps, but somewhere in all the crazy, you know it! Thoughts and prayers from me!!!