Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
Roscoe, Sophia, & Emily(across top) and then I think you can figure out the rest!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

busy, busy, busy!

I just felt like I wanted to throw up a smoke signal from over here in holiday land!
we are doing well... there is a lot going on right now at any given moment....
since my last post :
Roscoe discovered himself in the mirror...too cute! : )
our car broke down... so sad... : (
we got most of our holiday shopping done... : )
Emily had a holiday concert , in which she sounded beautiful... : )
I have made most of my homemade gifts... : )
I found an old friend/coworker that I had lost for the last three years or so...and I have been actively seeking out... gotta love the internet!!... : )
the pomanders are well on their way to preservation! ... : )
Sophia has been doing great...AND napping...and sat sweetly during the concert(SUPER exciting for me!)... : )
it has snowed a lot!... : ) / : (
we went to a holiday party and connected with some very sweet neighbors(always nice!)... : )
I have had some good and bad days, peppered together in that wacky way they tend to be this time of year... : ) /: (
and Al and I are doing really well...which I think in no small part has something to do with my newly (re)found path of joy... : )
Tally- more smileys than frowns equals doing alright!
just thought I'd pop on and say hello and that I hope every one's holidays, and more importantly lives are going well....
I hope to be able to put up more posts soon...
I've been taking pictures of everything, as always, and have some cute ideas... but seriously lack the time to put into making them the way I'd like to see them go up...

Today I am thankful the smell of our tree as I sit here and type.
I am thankful for the table full of homemade gifts that I will be able to share with people this year...just waiting for packaging!
I am thankful that I have NOT been struggling to find my joy for the last little while... I hope it lasts!! : )


Lissaloo said...

Holiday's are always so busy! Glad yours is going well, sorry about the car :( that is always an event. We have 1 pomander going here :) I sat my 4 year old down with an orange & some cloves when I was busy baking the other day, & she had a ball :)

thamesarino said...

oh hooray!! I'm glad thatyou tried it...it is so fun...if not fairly time consuming... but hey..sometimes that's a good thing, right? : )

5thsister said...

Been having those kind of days of late. I so want to truly enjoy the spirit of Advent (The patient watching and waiting). Maybe one of these years.

ChristineM said...

There must be a busy epidemic going on! Been on a little rollercoaster myself lately, but trying to keep a positive view on everything.

So glad your :)'s greatly outnumbered your :('s ... what a great feeling when that happens! :)

Who am I? said...

I am impressed that you've got all your gifts ready to go! I am working on it. :)

Pamela said...

Hey thamesarino!! You won my giveaway!!!! Stop by my blog and email me w/ your mailing address by 12/26/08. Congratulations!