Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Reason # 376 to not like Fairy Tales

Ok, here we go... I feel the need to warn people that there is scary stuff coming... prepare yourselves emotionally!( that is one of my favortie things to tell me kids, btw... not the scary part, but prepare yourselves emotionally for...ex: the fact that we are leaving in 10 mintues... and so on...: ) .... it generally works, actually! )

I really don't like fairy tales.
There are several reasons for this.
I think they set people up for disappointment.
Not to mention that no daughter of mine should feel like she needs a man to come save her
and take her away from the horrible existence that was her life before he came around.
How about how they were originally told to scare the crap out of kids into being obedient little closed mouth yes sir/ma'am... don't talk until spoken to little adults?

How about how they have been Americanized and Disney-ized more than anything into one day if you're a sweet, beautiful, girl who doesn't stick up for herself, and holds her tongue at the onslaught of abuse on all levels... a prince will come take you away and you will live happily ever after.

How about real life doesn't involve happily ever after.

I think my life rocks, but it's certainly no fairy tale ending. We work hard to keep things going well... and real life takes work.... regardless of what your goals are.

I get really frustrated with the idea that someone(man, woman, magic...whatever) should come save you... save yourself... no one can change your life but you... take responsibility...

If a wolf eats you, you are dead, the woodman can't come set you free, you are dead...period.

(yes, I know... I'll say it again...I have issues...I get it...I beleive in positive thinking, but realistic thinking as well!)

Alright that rant curtailed abruptly to avoid repeating myself( and sounding like a lunatic), I am here saying that we own just about every Disney movie known to man.. we have fairytale books coming out of the wazoo.... > : /
and yesterday I was reminded why that is such a bad thing!!
Sophia was napping as usual in the afternoon, and when she woke up she had several of her favorite toys and decided that she would like to play by herself for awhile... my first thought was SCORE!! Roscoe was still sleeping and I was trying to get some things done around the house.
My husband was home and working on some weather proofing that needed done.... I was filling out some paperwork for an upcoming doctor appointment (more on that forthcoming), when all of a sudden Sophia starts to scream.... crying hysterically and shouting..." the baby Mama..the baby died in the fire!!...Mama ...Mama..."

I look at my husband as I am running up the stairs and say "where does she get this stuff from?"


...and in particular this page!
I blew it up so that you could see how terrifying this picture is...!
Yes, I know I'm the mom, but the truth is we've had this book in the house for over 12 years... I don't remember really paying attention to this part back then. Emily is about to turn 14 and gives Sophia stuff regularly, as she doesn't feel like she needs it anymore. It is very cool in a lot of ways, because it has been completely her idea and doing.... I've never told her she had to or even should. She's just cool like that!! : ) Sophia has so many toys and books and puzzles..etc.. that we haven't had to buy again...really nice!
But, it is also bad at times because sometimes she will give her things that I don't necessarily want Sophia to have... like this creepy ass book!!
I mean that is one scary fairy, right? Let's not even talk about the princess' tatas on the front cover! I mean boobs around here are no big deal...I nurse my kids and have friends who do as well... they aren't a big deal around here, because we don't do THAT to them. They aren't these objects of sexual fantasy, but providers of one of nature's greatest gifts.
But that's not the point.. the point is my poor sweet girl is traumatized from this picture...
I talked to her about it...and then read her the book..and explained the baby wasn't dead, but put under an enchantment...and then I caved and asked if she wanted to watch the Disney version.... because truth be told, I'd rather she think a prince will come save her than an evil fairy will zap her with frickin' lightning!!
Today I am grateful that my kids are napping peacefully and letting me vent my mothering guilt!
I am thankful that my eldest daughter is kind, loving, caring and generous .
I am thankful to have a food processor that gave me almost 40 minutes of extra time to write this post! (stir fry with tons of veggies and baked tofu & noodles with peanut sauce for dinner. I would still be prepping if not for that amaazing little machine!!)

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ChristineM said...

I'm feeling the same way about "Wizard of Oz" at the moment, my daughter's current obsession! :)