Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
Roscoe, Sophia, & Emily(across top) and then I think you can figure out the rest!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My baby...getting grown up...

Emily is my oldest daughter. She means the world to me, because she is my daughter. She also was a gift to my heart and soul at a time that I sorely needed her. They say that every mom has the kid that they needed to have... and I find that to be true. All of my kids have given me something special that I needed. They are all so unique and I adore them all. But today is about Emily.

Often, I neglect to talk about Emily much on here, because as I've mentioned before, she doesn't like it. She finds me embarrassing, because she is 13, and I am her mother! : ) I'm ok with it.. I was 13 once too!

But today I don't care what she wants, because I am so proud of her that I need to talk about it!
From the moment of her birth, I knew that she was something special. She has a peaceful calm about her, that is very soothing to me... and also many people that she meets.

She is super smart... smarter than I was at her age...and that's saying something! (could I be a little less humble... but it's true...I'm no dummy, but she has seemingly endless potential!)

Now that being said, right now she is 13, almost 14, and fairly convinced that she is way smarter than I am....and that doesn't fly so much with me... I have life experience, the likes of which I hope she NEVER has to have.... anyway. I have this idea for her birthday which is coming up, which I hope will be something that she will cherish forever. I'll have to tell you all about it soon. We'll see if it a good one.... I have a feeling it will be something that she will appreciate more as she gets older.

A few weeks ago, I had a post about how Emily was going on an audition for a high school that she was trying to get into... well she did it!!

She got in for both of the majors she was trying for... so now she has to decide which she will choose. Theatre or Vocal. I think it is awesome that she has gotten in with either because now she gets to choose the path which feels right to her. This school has a such a good reputation that it should really help her when it is time to apply for college and scholarships!! I am so proud of her!! I'm so interested to see where she will end up. Watching her life unfold has and continues to be one of my greatest joys in life. I feel so lucky to have her as a daughter. She is truly one of the coolest people that I know!

Right now she is in London with my sister. She is apparently having great time! I am slightly jealous, seeing that I have never been... but honestly I think it is awesome that she has had this experience. The day that she found out she was accepted they went to the show Wicked. My sister said it was probably the best show she has ever seen! The cast was fantastic... and how perfect to go the day that she hears about her acceptance. To be able to see what she has hopes of doing someday. I know that it is a big dream, but I really feel like she could do something with this talent of hers. I also want very much for Emily to have a strong scholastic base because, she is smart, and she could do anything she wants to do...and that's the great thing about this school. She can do trigonometry and be in the school musical (if she makes it...). She is struggling a little to keep her focus on her schoolwork as well as artistic endeavors and that's a no go at this school. They must be doing well in school to do the fun stuff...so I'm hoping that this is the push she needs to regain her focus. I think that it will be!

She will be returning home tomorrow. I can't wait. I miss her so much when she is gone. She actually travels a lot... well a lot more than I get to anyway... so I am used to missing her... but I am always so glad to have her home! The little ones miss her too. She adds a little something extra to the dynamics of the family! Every weekend day they will call up the stairs to her... and when she doesn't come down they are sad. Sophia stopped in the middle of playing with her little people today and looked at me very seriously and said..."Mom, I miss sister so much...I can't wait to hug her..." I agree, kid!! : )

My mom did something nice and unusual today, too. She sent me flowers. I have only received flowers a few times, delivered to the house anyway, and it was really special! She sent along a note saying that I deserved them for raising Emily well, even though sometimes things were hard. It even said I love you!...wow! I got a little teary eyed... that was a pretty strong emotional outburst from my mom! They are pretty and lighting up my living room... especially because it is awful outside...icy, cold, bad roads... it was a super nice way to start my day, that's for sure!

hmmm, I had some pictures to put up... like a picture of Emily getting the news over the phone..and my perdy flowers.... but I'm unable to put them up right now... I'll have to try again later... sorry!

Today I am thankful that Emily is coming home tomorrow!
I am thankful that my mom sent me flowers, and love!
I am thankful that Emily has been getting these wonderful opportunities, I hope they keep coming!


5thsister said...

Our daughters are very similar. Bethany's dream is to be on Broadway someday. She also knows every single Wicked song by heart! Emily is a beautiful young lady...treasure every moment!

Raoulysgirl said...

How blessed you are to have such a special girl! My oldest is only 7, but I feel like there are days when I can't hold her tight enough! I guess the fine line is between holding them and letting them go. Kind of sad, actually...

Anyway, congrats to Emily on being accepted into the school she desired so much! And congrats to you for having such beautiful, wonderful children (I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be humble about your children!). Good luck with the birthday present and have a great welcome home tomorrow!!!!!

Gracey said...

You have every right to be proud of her... Congratulations to for achieving something this big, and I hope all of her dreams come true. Good luck with the planning for tomorrow!

Gracey said...

I meant to say "congratulations to her". But now that I am thinking about it, congratulations to BOTH of you actually! Some of the parts that make her such a special person, she got from you!

thrasherswife said...

Awesome, I've wondered about this, having read about the audition on an earlier post. So wonderful for her, and a big pat on the back for you, you've done well, Mom!! Enjoy her return, look forward to hearing your plans for her birthday.

ChristineM said...

Yay! Congrats Emily! And you should be very proud of not only her, but yourself, as a mom...she is what you made her to be! :)