Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A short post with many thank yous!

Thank you to everyone who gave me an award!
It was very nice and actually made my day that much nicer!
The kids and I had a very nice mellow day yesterday with the addition of some really good food, we all know good food makes life better always! : ), which was nice because there has been a lot of busy, busy days around here lately.
It is always something and right now it's several at once!
but we are doing pretty well in general...
and I am feeling a little better than I was... from my last post.
right now my 13 year old is at a school dance, and then isn't even coming home tonight because she staying over with friends.... so that is strange for me. She is gorgeous and I feel so proud when I send her off... but I also worry a lot because she is gorgeous, and 13.... boys have crazy hormones...and so does she!
yikes! .... get that awful image out of my head!
she is still a very sweet and innocent girl, but it doesn't stay that way forever. I have to admit that even her giving a boy an innocent kiss makes me feel woozy(and not in a good way!)... I just can't imagine her being old enough yet or for a long time... maybe it's a mom thing...
anyway that is happening tonight and it is also me and Al's 5th anniversary.
We got married on Leap Day so we don't really get one this year, but we are going to celebrate tomorrow night.
We are headed out to a nice steak house & we got a bottle of wine from the year we got married(2004) It is the nicest wine I've ever bought...it was a special at $40, supposed to be $90... and you know you would spend that much on a $15 bottle at the restaurant so we are going to drink water(or pop for my man) when we go out to eat, so that we could splurge on this wine. I'm truly curious to see if it tastes THAT much better than the average bottles we buy. I generally try wines that are on sale for $10-$15, and I am generally pretty happy with them (of course some are better than others...). Anyway, we will be drinking our nice wine, at our fancy (but cheap..gotta LOVE hotwire!) hotel room, while we try and reconnect with each other in a grown up way! and not just sex... but having the time to be playful and more relaxed than usual..
I miss my husband.
Right now it is sad because last year at this time I felt very happy and content in the way that things were with each other... and really until very recently I was doing well, but we need some time when we aren't parents and it is hard to get that sometimes...
hence the room...
when you parent in an all inclusive way you get awesome kids(well, so far anyway!) but you lose some of the intimacy of your marriage..and that can be difficult. at least is is for me.
the last few nights Al and I have been talking a lot and snuggling more... and it is absolutely necessary for me.
I am hoping that we have a nice time together and just relax a little....
so thank you again for the blog awards.... I promise I will do a better response soon!
and wish me and the hubby luck enjoying each other, our anniversary, and our time alone together!

Tonight I am thankful that I am & have been married to the man that I truly believe that I was meant to be with for the rest of my life for five fabulous funky years.


5thsister said...

Hope it was a spectacular anniversary evening!

Jen said...

I hope that you have the best anniversary!

Lissaloo said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope it was wonderful! :)