Mi Familia!!

Mi Familia!!
Roscoe, Sophia, & Emily(across top) and then I think you can figure out the rest!

Friday, February 20, 2009

WooHoo!! I won!!

I got a package from the adorable and sweet Lissaloo

I won her give-away of huckleberry products. I had never had them before, so it was really exciting! : )

What a pleasant surprise it was, on such a dark, gray, and snowy day here in the 'Burgh. I couldn't wait to open it... but I was super busy doing the whole mothering thing, and my eldest and I had plans to go see a performance at her new school after dinner.... so I had to wait until after dinner and bedtime, and then didn't have time before we left for the performance. I opened it up much later at night and had my husband take pictures... but as much as I love him I had to re-take pictures today... because well... I just had to... I am anal-retentive about certain things...
some might say many things... but I choose just certain... ahem.. where was I?
Oh yeah, showing you my pictures! : )

all the numminess together...
there is Huckleberry Jam.
Hucklebery Gummies (my favorite candy!)
and Huckleberry Taffy (my hubby's favorite!)
My husband LOVES taffy! So he is very excited, and now thinks maybe this isn't such a waste of time! ha ha....

And I put this picture up even though I look CRAZY because I want to thank my husband for taking pictures, and he needs a good laugh! Please pay no attention to the laundry pile that is so high it threatens to engulf me soon.. this is normal behavior around here... opening packages is WAY more fun! : )
And this picture is me showing the pure joy I have in eating the gummies! yay!

Thank YOU Lissaloo!!

Today I am grateful for my bloggy friends. What an interesting phenomenom this blogging thing is! I'm so glad I found it..and all of you! : )


Willoughby said...

Congrat's! What an awesome prize!!

5thsister said...

Isn't it fun to win? I felt the same way about my apron from Gitano! Have fun with your prize!

Lissaloo said...

I'm so glad you liked all the goodies! The pictures are great, & i didn't see any laundry???? ;)

Gracey said...

Congrats, it does sound a lot of fun! I had a good laugh with the laundry thing - I didn't see it, and then killed myself trying to see it! (no, I am not plain nosy, I just wanted to make sure my eyesight is good - SO NOT TRUE, LOL!)

ChristineM said...


Laundry-schmaundry....that's what I always say!! (Of course, I AM a slob!)

thamesarino said...

thanks everyone!
the laundry is on the bottom left corner.. but I actually did a pretty good job at cutting it out...blush... the original picture was much more obvious! : )

Mommynightowl said...


lol, tell your husband in order to get the taffy he has to wash clothes

we are happy and thankful to have met you also

Mommynightowl said...

out of curiosity is your blog name inspired from the quote "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday" and if so do you know who said it, cause I can't remember where I got it from